S t r a t h S p a n   creates a musical tapestry of the rich tones of cello interwoven with the lyrical voice of the violin. The sound of StrathSpan starts with traditional Scottish pipe and fiddle tunes, layering innovative harmonies and rhythms. The repertoire ranges from elegant marches and strathspeys to driving reels, from lively jigs to soulful airs, with occasional forays into Irish, Scandinavian and Breton traditions. The resulting music evokes the timeless sensations of heartbeat and laughter, waves and sea creatures, joyous dance and ancient ceremony.

Julia Weatherford and her cello live in Black Mountain, NC at the eastern end of the Swannanoa Valley.  Nora Garver and her fiddle live in Asheville, NC at the western end of the Swannanoa Valley.   They "span" the valley ("strath" in Scots Gaelic). Julia and Nora brought together years of astonishingly varied musical experience when they formed their duo in 2015. Past performances include Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, the Swannanoa Gathering, The Biltmore Estate, Whitehorse Black Mountain, Kanuga Conference Center and more. You may listen to samples of their music by clicking the audio and video pages in the menu above.

For information about our sister band, Ceilidh Doon, click on "Ceilidh Doon" in the menu above.